We have been doing educational outreach to our colleagues at clinics, departments, and professional meetings across the Greater Boston area and beyond.

There is a lot of relevant material for health professionals to know about immigration and health, so we have developed educational modules that you can use to develop your own training!

To request help or host a training about immigration policy changes and how they related to patients at your health center email: Laura Janneck at <>.


Please click the link to download.

  1. Background on Immigration; access here.

  2. Immigration as a Social Determinant of Health; access here.

  3. Data about Immigrant Populations; access here.

  4. Immigration Policy; access here.

  5. Rhetoric about Immigration; access here.

  6. Effects of Policy and Rhetoric; access here.

  7. Best Practices; access here.

  8. Resources; access here.

  9. Opportunities for Engagement; access here.

  10. Case Examples; access here.

  11. References; access here.