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Clinic and Hospital Best Practices


Fear of immigration enforcement creates chronic anxiety for immigrant families and their children, and prompts them to avoid using vital services such as healthcare.

This impacts immigrant patients as well as the health centers and hospitals which serve them.

We have been working with the leadership at health institutions to try and encourage them to make immigrant patients feel more welcome. Here are a few things you can encourage your health center or hospital to do.

Send the message that all are welcome.

  • Signs should be posted everywhere, in waiting rooms, hallways, exam rooms and bathrooms. Some sample signs below.

Make Know Your Rights Information and immigration resources available

  • Post in waiting rooms, with wall posters, informational materials or even playing videos in the waiting room.

  • Have stacks of Red Cards which immigrants can give to immigration enforcement to exert their rights.

  • You can find local resource lists in the Immigrant Health Toolkit.

Educate healthcare staff about changes in immigration policy and how it affects patients.

  • Email us <>  and we can help to arrange a training.

  • Also see our education section for sample powerpoint modules.

Have an official policy not to share patients’ information with ICE.

Know Your Healthcare Rights

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